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One of Prike’s purposes is to provide knowledge of different alcoholic drinks by introducing their history, the art of the making process, as well as the culture of consumption. Respective training to Prike’s employees and customers is performed by a true expert in this field, the connoisseur of beverages – Hannes Aedla.

Hannes-Aedla-JoogiekspertHannes’s broad perspective and extensive knowledge is largely based on his over 18 years of working experience in the on-trade marketing of beverages in several companies. In 2004 he started working at Prike where his first visit to Barton & Guestier’s winery Chateau Magnol in France and the art of serving wine and preparing food inspired him to concentrate on educating himself in wine culture. Hannes has passed the junior-sommelier training in 2011-2012, as well as the sommelier course in 2012-2013.

Over the years while working at Prike he has visited several wineries but also well-known champagne, cognac, whisky and beer producers. Having been introduced to the creating process of many famous brands in their unique work atmosphere Hannes understands well the nature of different wines and other beverages. At trainings he passes this exciting and inspiring information on to his audience while offering also practical tips how to reveal every spirit’s soul and nuances in flavour, as well as with which food they are suitable to be served with.

Hannes’s personal favourite drink is the one which is enjoyed in the best company.


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Attention! It is alcohol. Alcohol can harm your health.